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It is time to take the time and let time do its work to germinate beautiful projects that will be rewarding for our nations. We can succeed by talking to each other, by respecting each other, by listening to each other, by building together, in partnership with experts who are convinced that creation must involve the true participation of First Nations. I firmly believe that the Caraïbes Nordiques project could be the example to follow for the creation of wealth that is beneficial to all, the development of the Nitassinan while respecting its integrity, in order to achieve a true reconciliation.

Guy Bellefleur
former spokesperson for the First Nations and chief negotiator for the Innu Nation of the East;
co-founder of the Caraïbes Nordiques.

The Caraïbes Nordiques project consists of transforming four outfitters located in Northern and Eastern Quebec into a sustainable, ecological, responsible and innovative tourism destination.

A collection of exceptional sites,
isolated in the heart of nature

Our sites offer a diversity representative of Quebec's ecosystems and weave a link between sea and lakes, rivers and forests, mountains and sandy beaches, between which the journey is made by canoe, portage, on foot, by seaplane, by boat.

Our sites protect natural areas where reign Atlantic salmon, anadromous brook trout, moose, lynx, black bears, whales, seals, lobsters, puffins, fishing polar bears...

Our sites are close to world-renowned national parks, majestic fjords, thousand-year-old Aboriginal sites, heritage villages, nature reserves, mythical and little-known archipelagos, skies littered with the Northern Lights...

  • Surrounded by century-old forests, the Baronnie de Kamouraska is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. An accessible and privileged wilderness territory for wildlife observation.
  • Famous for the Château Johan-Beetz, a Quebec heritage site, the Pourvoirie Baie-Johan-Beetz is bordered by the St. Lawrence River and the Mingan Archipelago. A site that brings together many of the jewels of the Côte-Nord region.
  • Located near Natashquan, the Club du Lac Victor offers the rare opportunity to explore the hinterland of the Basse-Côte-Nord, an immense territory of forests, wild rivers and lakes teeming with landlocked salmon. A place to quench your thirst for freedom.
  • The two sites of Rapid Lake Lodge are true subarctic oases in the middle of the tundra of Nunavik. A dream destination for fishermen in search of arctic char, explorers eager to discover the Torngat Mountains and to observe fishing polar bears.
A unique experience of the North
and its cultures

We are developing a range of original experiences inspired by the epic of the coureurs des bois and the nomadic way of life of Aboriginal peoples. These experiences will invite you, in all seasons, to discover the landscapes, culture, history and terroir of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Northern and Eastern Quebec, in symbiosis with the Coasters, Innu, Inuit and Maliseet communities living on the territories where our sites are located.

Whether you are a fisherman, hiker, gatherer, curious about cultures and traditions, nature lover, photographer, wellness or canoe enthusiast, adventurer at heart or gourmet, the Caraïbes Nordiques will allow you to fulfill your passions and rediscover the essence of travel.

A societal and
environmental mission

The Caraïbes Nordiques project is designed and built with local communities, with a view to sustainable development and the preservation of ecological and cultural heritage.

From site design to tourism programming, all the elements of the project are considered and developed in an approach of tourism that is respectful of man and nature.

Thus, we are working to promote the enhancement, preservation of knowledge, revitalization and reconciliation of indigenous, island and coasters communities. Our sites and experiences are designed to minimize the footprint on the territory and to encourage encounters.

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